Message to the English-speaking readers (followers)

Dear Friends:

Here are a few lines to share, of what quite possibly could be the longest listing on the Web for CLASSICAL LIBERAL AUTHORS AND THEIR WORKS. In spite of being designed and written in Italian; inquiring minds will find books of various free thinkers who have displayed some of the most distinguished schools of thought ever recorded.

It is very easy to access the files: just click on any of the individual names of the Author’s column on the right side and one will be directed to a related page illustrating most of their works – if not all of them.

The idea is to bring together a new paradigm: as not all intellectuals and thinkers were or are “left” guided. As a matter of fact, before Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher produced the final shove against the wall of shame in Berlin, causing the fatal collapse of the Marxist utopia, the indoctrinated followers of that deleterious “faith” had succeeded to build a myth, according to which only militants of the egalitarian ideology could have entered into the selected Pantheon of their legitimated intellectuality.

Thus, our list of free thinkers (classical liberal, as well as libertarian authors), pretends to redeem the ambiguous subterfuge and brings together over 900 authors and far over  2.000 of their works, who were inspired to share their individual liberties and freedom.

I must recognize that some of the authors mentioned do not achieve unanimous consensus; but it is not easy either to determine any limit on tolerance, so I hope not to be wrong for having and not having excluded some, while I have included others based on suggestions of a few readers.

I am aware that this list is not perfect, and I do encourage readers to contribute and suggest more authors and their works. Maybe there are those who share the idea that it is useful to reduce the dominion of a leftist culture, while at the same time, may help to spread these efforts among all lovers of Freedom.

Thank you in advance,